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About Metters Musings:
Shades of Gray

May 27, 2002

A wise man hears one word and understands two. 
There are two sides to every story.
~Author Unknown~

The older I get the more I realize that life is not black and white.  Aside from things like gravity and death there are very few absolutes in this world – most things are a matter of perspective.  For instance, I think it’s relatively safe to say we all agree that murder is a bad thing.  But then why do we have the death penalty?  Or war?  Or euthanasia for our pets?  Because in certain situations, even killing is acceptable.  It just depends on your perspective and from what angle you view the issue. 

This shades of gray philosophy is the premise behind this site.  As you read my musings, however, you may find yourself saying, “For someone who says the world is gray she sure does have a lot of opinions!”  Make no mistake; just because I think the world is gray doesn’t mean that I don’t have opinions.  We all need to form beliefs based on what we value and what we feel is the right way to live.  My musings are not about “right” or “wrong” or “telling it like it is”, however; they are simply about exploring issues and sharing my perspective.  Which is why on most issues my perspective is rarely set in stone.  This is not because I lack conviction, but because I know there are many sides to any issue.  I always want to leave myself open to alternative points of view because I'm likely to learn something.  And who knows, I just might find there is a perspective that I hadn't considered that makes more sense to me than the one I had.

Having an open mind like this is a scary thought for some people, though.  They have been convinced either by others or by their own selves that their opinion is right” and that all other points of view are “wrong”.  They fear opening themselves up to other perspectives just puts them in danger of having their opinion swayed.  God forbid they should be lured to the dark side!  There is nothing wrong with conviction, but narrow-mindedness helps no one.  Not only can it lead to intolerance of others (racism is a prime example), but it is also limiting to the individual who chooses to think that way.  After all, the greatest figures in history were people who challenged accepted ways of thinking.  Which is why I think it's important that I periodically question what I believe.  What if my point of view is idiotic or foolish?  I will never know that if I'm not willing to investigate other ways of thinking.  I never want to form opinions blindly; it is only by allowing myself to view things from many angles that I can be sure about what I really believe.

Just as I strive to learn from others, it is my hope that as you take a look at my view of things that you might learn something too.  If you are a black and white thinker perhaps I can offer other perspectives for you to consider.  It just might do you some good.

At least, that’s my perspective.  

In addition to being a writer, Susan Metters holds the distinguished titles of Cancer Survivor Extraordinaire and Adventurous Aspiring Mom. In past lives she was a ski instructor, a middle-school teacher, an administrative assistant for the games group at Microsoft, and an adoption advisor at The Humane Society for Seattle/King County.

Susan is highly skilled at napping, running late, and making margaritas out of life’s lemons. She is working on her first book which recounts the tale of her cancer adventure. You can read about Susan’s life adventures by visiting her two Seattle PI blogs: Lemon Margaritas and Adoption Adventures. Her adoption blog can also be found at

Susan shares a home on wooded acreage in Redmond with her husband Bill and their two old, beloved, shelter dogs. Some of her secret ambitions include meeting Dr. Phil, hosting Saturday Night Live, and rising to the top as a rock star. Oh yeah, and she also thinks it would be pretty cool to someday get paid for her writing.

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